The following are works by Suzanne Cooper that were exhibited between 1936 and 1947, but whose present whereabouts is unknown.  We believe they are all oil-paintings unless otherwise specified. Do please get in touch with her family through the CONTACT page of this website if you have any information about them. 


Exhibited at the Wertheim Gallery in September 1936 in 'Paintings by Rachel Reckitt, José Christopherson, Suzanne Cooper, Barbara Heale'

'The Birdcage' 8 guineas.    (This one may now be found - see below)                                          

'Storm' 12 gns                                                                            

'Fog' 8 guineas [probably a variation on the wood-engraving of the same name]     

'Bognor Regis' 10 guineas  

'Pirbright Green'  7 gns       

 'No 13. Barwick Street'  7 gns  

 'The Final' 8 gns    

 'From the Pier' 8 gns       


Exhibited at the Wertheim Gallery  31/12/1936 - 25/1/1937 in 'An Exhibition of Paintings by the '20s Group'


Exhibited with the National Society of Painters, Sculptors and Printmakers, 8th Annual Exhibition at the Royal Institute Galleries, February 11 - March 4 1937

The Storm 20 gns

The Square 18 gns

Slum Streets 18 gns

Exhibited with the Society of Women Artists at the RI Gallery, Piccadilly and mentioned as being among ‘the more outstanding works’ by the reviewer in The Observer 26, June 1938.

‘Kingston Docks, Jamaica’                                        

Exhibited at the National Society's 9th Annual Exhibition in 1938

'The Would-Be Suicide'    (mentioned by The Times' reviewer February 13, 1938)

'The Would-Be Suicide' - wood-engraving

Torquay Harbour

A Hotel Garden

Exhibited at the National Society's 10th Annual Exhibition in 1939

Italian Square 15 gns

Rhododendrons 15 gns

Girl Holding a Shell £21 15s

Girl in a Blue Dress £26 5s

Yellow Dahlias £26 5s

Exhibited at the National Society's 11th Annual Exhibition in 1940

Iona £26 5 s (this may be a version of the wood-engraving ‘Carol Singers’

Alice £26 5s

Exhibited at the National Society's 12th Annual Exhibition in 1944

Tropical Butterflies (this may be, or be a version of, the wood engraving of the same name)


Exhibited at the National Society's 13th Exhibition in 1946

Girl with Brown Hair

Flowers in a Bedroom

Exhibited at the National Society's 14th Exhibition in 1947

Bedroom Flowers



Since the rediscovery of Suzanne Cooper’s work began, several works that are, or may be, hers have come to light, including those below.

Travellers Pyrennes.jpg

Travellers in the Pyrenees

This painting belongs to Jonathan Gooderham of Jonathan Grant Galleries, Auckland, New Zealand. He found it in the back of a painting by Frances Hodgkins that he purchased in the UK. It is unsigned, but having compared it wih Suzanne Cooper’s ‘Royal Albion’ in the Auckland Art Gallery he believes it is her work. He is particularly persuaded by the idiosyncratic drawing of the horses in the two pictures . (See also the horses in the wood-engraving ‘Brightlingsea’). Frances Hodgkins, like Suzanne Cooper, showed work at the Wertheim Gallery, and with the Society of Women Artists.


The Birdcage

oil on board 10 x 12 inches

charcoal on paper 10 x 12 inches

This painting and the accompanying drawing belong to John and Lorna Harbottle, who purchased them from a sale of the collection of Lucy Wertheim. The picture is unsigned, but it seems likely that it is ‘The Birdcage’, exhibited by Suzanne Cooper at the Wertheim Gallery in 1936.